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The most common and well known Service across the world. This is great for first timers or as a regular maintenance. Swedish Massage consist of a combination of gliding,kneading, tapotement,compression, and Oscillation in a light to medium pressure.


Enjoy a relaxing Hand and Foot massage that targets the reflex zones relative to specific organs promoting a state of homeostasis, improving circulation, and inducing relaxation in the entire body. (Fully clothed)


This is a japanese technique that applies finger pressure to specific pressure points located along the meridians of the body. This method releases any blockages and allows energy to flow through the body freely. Leaving you feeling renewed and grounded. ( Fully clothed)

Lomi Lomi

My personal Favorite. Lomi means to rub, press, squeeze or massage. This age old technique has been passed down by generations for the sake of total well being in the hawaiian culture .This is the traditional Hawaiian massage that involves long rhythmic strokes focused on creating balance between the spiritual and physical well being that release and confuse the senses into a state of complete relaxation.

Deep Tissue

Just as the name suggest .This is Deep slow work that targets problem areas and breaks up adhesions. Perfect for after a hard workout or after along week of strenuous work . We all know how that feels!
Add $15.00 more/50 min

Trigger Point

This technique is designed to focus on specific points that cause those shooting pains that radiate up or down the body or cause numbness in a local region For those nasty guys that just don’t want to go away!
Add $15.00 more/50 min

Body Treatments:

Hawaiian sea salt scrubs

Start with sitting in an infrared sauna to begin the process of detoxification and relaxation then move to the table to lay down relax as we literally scrub the stress and tension out of your tired achy body Hawaiian salt , coconut oil and choice of essential oils are liberally massaged into the skin. Hot towels are used to increase relaxation and for the removal of application it self . Hawaiian salt is an excellent detoxifier and exfoliant it pulls toxins from within the body and is a natural exfoliant promoting healthier glowing skin.

Body Glows

Start with sitting in a infrared sauna to relax your muscles open your pores and begin the detoxification process. Organic sugar is blended with coconut oil and your choice of essential oils to create your personalized sugar scrub according to your individual needs and scent preferences.The mixture is again liberally applied and massaged on to the skin, Hot towels are placed on the back and used in the soothing removal of the mixture.

Kauai coffee scrub

Start with sitting in a infrared sauna to open your pores clear your mind and body in preparation to receive the treatment to its fullest potential.. Kauai Coffee is grown, harvested and roasted here on the west side of Kauai. Coffee is naturally packed with antioxidants which help fight premature skin aging.,. Coffee is also used as an antiinflammatory, treats redness, improves circulation and reduces the signs of cellulite. Leaving the skin gently exfoliated and completely soft and supple.

Body Wraps:

Signature body wrap

Our body wrap is based on La’au La Pa’au Traditional Hawaiian medicine. We use Noni Leaves, Aloe, Hawaiian salt and coconut oil .The combination of these ingredients Purify and pull toxins out of the body, reduce joint pain and inflammation, and moisturize the skin Leaving you feeling relieved, purified and grounded.

Most popular essential oil additions are Lavender, eucalyptus and tuberose


Aromatherapy is offered complimentary with every service. we have a variety of scents to choose from. Most popular usage includes but are not limited to:


Arthritis, Bronchitis, asthma, headaches and congestion.


Colds/flu , sinusitis, asthma, exhaustion , nausea, and headache.


Commonly used for relaxation, tension, muscle aches and headaches.

Ylang ylang

Anxiety, depression, hypertension, stress and palpitations.

Sweet orange

Uplifts the spirit enhances alertness, relieves stress, colds/flu and digestive problems.


Soothing, relaxing

The following oils are available for an additional $5.00:

White Camphor

Antispasmodic, Anti inflammatory, decongestant.

Clary Sage

Asthma, stress, coughing and exhaustion


Arthritis, cough, congestion, asthma, calms rage, anxiety, stress, increases circulation


Stress, anxiety, improves circulation strengthen immune system relaxes muscles and nerves


Depression, eczema, stress, anti aging

Massage Rates:

Massage prices are as follow:

Service Rate
30 Min $50.00
50 Min $80.00
80 Min $120.00
120 Min $140.00
Hot Stones Add $25
Add’l Sauna Time $10 /15 min

At Lana Ka Mana’o we typically use a coconut base oil . Should you have any allergies we have grapeseed, olive, and avocado oil available upon request.